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Clear Your Mind
And comfort your soul with a new definition of everyday words:
WISDOM: Rather than judge, try to understand. Rather than push away, try to embrace. Rather than cling, try to let go. Eventually we can stop trying and really do it.

DISCOVERY: Knowledge cannot be found under a rock. Knowledge is what we conclude about what we see under the rock.

SIMPLE: When I let myself know how to do it, I call it simple.

SHARING: Sharing is allowing you a place in my space.

LOVE: To love someone is to be happy with who and what they are, accepting them without conditions.

GUIDANCE: The only healing that ever takes place is self-healing. Medications and massages just encourage your body to do what it knows how to do.

ON BEING HUMAN: They say feeling bad is only human... but I like to celebrate my humanity, not with unhappiness, but with my loving and caring.

HAPPY PEOPLE: Happy people are loving. Fearful people are busy with other things.

THE ONLY PARADIGM: The way we choose to see the world creates the world we see.

BLINDERS: If I look only for what I expect to see, I'll miss all the other things in the garden.

TRAIL BLAZER: All dreams appear impossible until someone makes them happen.

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Posted: Apr 9, 2011
Sharing is Caring:

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