Posted by Roman Price

The rainbow is a beautiful thing, but it will never appear without the sunshine and rain.

If you think about it life's the same way.

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Posted: Dec 21, 2010

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jenette pacalso commented:On 2015-03-22


hotz feez commented:On 2014-07-17


Marina V. commented:On 2013-02-24

very inspiring

GM GURURAJ YADAV commented:On 2012-08-03

God's creation is always great. excellent post

jackie M. commented:On 2012-07-16

Everytime I look at this its amazing how God has created so many beautiful scenes,,,

Skjoukje F. commented:On 2012-07-16

What an inspirational post, GOD is great!!...

jackie M. commented:On 2012-06-03

Unique post

DE EU commented:On 2012-05-07

The sum of life can be compared to a beautiful thing like the rainbow the journey is sometimes mixed with things we perceive as not so good like the rain and good like the sunshine.In other words, our life is sometimes summed up in the perception of our experience

Rosie Ros commented:On 2012-04-14

Amen! The rainbow is a covenant with God not to destroy the world by means of floodwater again.

rajesh gurjar commented:On 2012-03-26

like the same, we can't growup without mother's blessing

commented:On 2012-03-19

It's fact

roshni advani commented:On 2012-03-15

its really beautiful...

dimah tia danladi commented:On 2012-03-08

It true, every side of life gives you a chance to experience something new, just you have to choose which side you want.

jenette pacalso commented:On 2012-03-07

The rainbow is a beautiful thing, but it will never appear without rain and sunshine..If you think about it life's the same way.

Skye Milo commented:On 2012-02-12

Every misfortune holds an opportunity. It's up to you to discover it. :-)

audrey castillo commented:On 2012-02-04

agree, rainbow appear after the rain :)

bolarinwa aa fad commented:On 2012-02-01

very very inspirational! i love it

jennis yeboah commented:On 2012-01-24

waow, am inspired...

George P. commented:On 2012-01-01

Views 1899, comments 48, marvelous, Roman. Great inspiration!

Deborah Farris commented:On 2011-12-28

That is a great way to see life. A new perspective for me, I like it.

Roman Price commented:On 2011-12-26

Thanks for the 'pulps' along with the woderful feedback/comments everyone :)

JOY to the world commented:On 2011-12-25

Congratulations Roman!

Uttam Lawati commented:On 2011-12-25

very nice

ron cobilo commented:On 2011-12-24

wow congrats Roman!!! :)

spyrose commented:On 2011-12-23

congratz Roman,...... :))

Effendy Karto commented:On 2011-12-22

Congrats Roman.

sadiq kabir commented:On 2011-12-06

do you think so?i don't agree!

erika henry commented:On 2011-11-25

indeed it is

Roberto L. commented:On 2011-11-16

can't agree more

mercy ayyagari commented:On 2011-11-13

You are true Henry....

Henry Grant commented:On 2011-11-12

I don't know what your rainfall or your sunshine may be but after the rainfall and the sunshine in your life, u will have a very beautiful life experience.

nenen lim commented:On 2011-11-07

that is so true! when there's heavy rain and you see rainbow afterwards you can still say wow - what a beautiful rainbow.

usha nagaraj commented:On 2011-11-07


vanessa jane m. commented:On 2011-11-04


ARSHAD AYUB commented:On 2011-11-02

vry vry vry inspiring...!!!!

emanuel narh commented:On 2011-10-31

that it friend

Ambassador Bamanyisa commented:On 2011-10-29

What about the belief that the rainbow is a reminder of no more deluge to destroy the world like it happened in Noah's time!!!

alliyah nicole commented:On 2011-10-22

all the thing is so beatiful

james Elijah Bangal commented:On 2011-10-19

World wouldn't be beautiful without someone that make's you beautiful than ever

moses bennisan commented:On 2011-10-12


tony kitetu commented:On 2011-10-11

True, n there'l always be sunshine after rains.

sudeha mj commented:On 2011-10-02

The beauty of life is in its sunshine n rains..n life is as beautiful as a Rainbow !

renu renu commented:On 2011-09-25

life is like colourful rainbow:-)

kristel barreda commented:On 2011-09-25

life is like a rainbow

gloria onyekachi commented:On 2011-09-11

That is true.

anu sachdeva commented:On 2011-09-07

very true n inspiring also............

mercy ayyagari commented:On 2011-09-03

Yah true.......

Daniel Mgbajah commented:On 2011-08-30

Yes, life cannot be beautiful without being refreshed with sunshine and rain. Thanks for this post.

Gobi Be +ve V. commented:On 2011-08-28

Good my friend

Rosie Ros commented:On 2011-08-27

I love it...thanks for sharing. God bless you!

khimmy mondano commented:On 2011-08-27

yes i agree....

jian Olivares commented:On 2011-08-26

so true =)

rose plaza commented:On 2011-06-25

teah..its true

ope jegson commented:On 2011-06-14

yes life is about 1 and 2 together

Evans Maloh commented:On 2011-06-11

bright future......

pema namgyal commented:On 2011-05-27

thats is great thing.......suddenly right

bukola shoga commented:On 2011-05-27

certainly right!

Jean L. commented:On 2011-05-25

Nobody can see the light if we are still in darkness...

Nootun Ragpot commented:On 2011-04-15


Zerrah Lynn Arcayena commented:On 2011-04-08


Ariane Dela Cruz commented:On 2011-03-15

i like it truly inspired me

Naresh Varma commented:On 2011-03-14

It's realy Beautiful Quote

shane morales commented:On 2011-02-26

yeah. . .its true!and now im in a darkest place where I need a light , the light that I cant find where it is. . . .Im in a lonely lonely life. . . .how can I move on if I still love him.

lulu ogot commented:On 2011-02-22

what a really nice post!!!!

B Maddigan commented:On 2011-02-11

Well, Speaking of Rainbows...

I recently attended a brother wife's funeral

(she is a sister In The LORD)

and at the burial site when we looked up

there was a small rainbow in Only the Middle of the sky overhead

It was a Sunny day, NOT raining or even snowing

I dare say that it was The LORD's Rainbow over

HIS Throne in the heavens

I have seen several Rainbows along the way, including Double

but Never like this one

The LORD Is NIGH... Hallelujah, PtL!


Mubarak Said commented:On 2011-01-26

This is great,I agree with you about the motivationality and also like the picture.

jibchhendra yadav commented:On 2010-12-22

wow so beautiful. and beautiful moment

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