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The reason so many people find it so hard to be happy is that they will always see the past better than it was, the present worse than it is, and the future less resolved than it will be.

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Posted: Sep 8, 2011

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hotz feez commented:On 2015-03-22

x mau

Marina V. commented:On 2013-06-06

so true

Angela Ramnarine commented:On 2012-07-17

sometimes you always on the past when there is no one to speak to move on don't dwell on the past look at the future...move foward......

Mary Grace mejia commented:On 2012-06-01


Lyresh W. commented:On 2012-02-19


linnet maina commented:On 2012-02-10

yea very true, always fornget the past and dwell on the future.

olive r. commented:On 2012-02-02

its true

mabel bernardez commented:On 2012-01-22

thanks for d inspiration...Godbless!

spyrose commented:On 2011-11-28


charo adora commented:On 2011-11-26

nice :)

sultan ahmad soomro commented:On 2011-11-13

very nice

Beatriz Yusi commented:On 2011-11-08

hello i want to know you

spyrose commented:On 2011-09-10

thanks to all of you guys for pulping and reading my post!
... be blessed and take care!

Roman Price commented:On 2011-09-09

Wow! 20 Pulps in a rough 18 hour period is a new record! Beautiful inspirational post!

abba rowland ikechi commented:On 2011-09-09

You make senses my dear >>>>>>

spyrose commented:On 2011-09-09

thanks for dropping by:) Pooja and Govind

Pooja Upadhyay commented:On 2011-09-09

well said buddy

govind parihar commented:On 2011-09-09

that's true

Tristan Gains
"I always entertain great hopes." Robert Frost
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Marina V.
"The only pressure I'm under is the pressure I've put on myself.'" Mark Messier
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