Posted by Roman Price

Life has a simple formula. The sum of all your choices equal the outcome.

For example,

You can choose to get up after life knocks you down.
You can choose to better yourself or stay idle.
You can choose to think positive or negative at all times.

You have more choices than you'll ever realize.

Life is the sum of all your choices, this simple formula could predict your future. You just have to understand it.

-Roman Price

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Posted: Nov 19, 2011

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John W. commented:On 2016-12-15

well done

matthew t. commented:On 2016-08-26

Mind Blowing

Alliance l. commented:On 2016-06-01


Mac G. commented:On 2016-04-19


Daryl lee commented:On 2016-01-07

what a nature

Jennelyn Lizardo commented:On 2012-04-19

love it.

tita peralta commented:On 2011-12-31

Everybody has there freedom of choice: to choice the rightway or the wrongway. Trully, life is the sum of all are choices.

sunshine mohamed commented:On 2011-11-22

A positive attitude and take you all the way.

anthony sheyi Aina commented:On 2011-11-20

hmmnnn!!lovly quote

Roserina Alibo commented:On 2011-11-20

great one!:)

JOY to the world commented:On 2011-11-20

Yeah...i love it Roman. Nice post!

Bernard B. commented:On 2011-11-20

this is a good one, I like it.

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