Posted by Roman Price

"Never look back. If Cinderella had gone back to pick up her glass slipper, she would have never become a princess." Roman Price

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Posted: Jan 21, 2012

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John W. commented:On 2016-12-15


matthew t. commented:On 2016-08-26


Alliance l. commented:On 2016-06-01


Mac G. commented:On 2016-04-19

good work

Daryl lee commented:On 2016-01-07

very nice wallpaper

ana paneva commented:On 2015-04-09

Nicee :))

Marina V. commented:On 2013-01-14

i love it

vijender singh commented:On 2012-06-09

one should always look back to see where he is heading or going, on the right path with a right will or..............

chai roth intano commented:On 2012-05-29


Katella Bliss commented:On 2012-03-28

well...if looking back will just cause you pain and depression and hinders your dreams and aspirations, then better not look back or we will never be where we want to be . . . nice quote Roman!

Nurse M. commented:On 2012-02-26

true! :)

Charles Osisami commented:On 2012-01-25

Good to look back and khow cause of failure and learn how not to fall into same pitfall in future.

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