Posted by Roman Price

Clearly this penguin knows 'Impossible' has 'Possible' written all over it... You should too.

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Posted: Mar 22, 2011
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John W. commented:On 2016-12-15


matthew t. commented:On 2016-08-26

Nice video

Andrew L. commented:On 2016-06-10


Alliance l. commented:On 2016-06-01


Mac G. commented:On 2016-04-19

thats cool

Daryl lee commented:On 2016-01-07

well done

Meenakshi commented:On 2013-07-25

Awsme what a confidence.

DE EU commented:On 2012-05-07

Wow, What courage

Ann Jamelo commented:On 2012-04-13

yes, faith really makes the impossible...possible

charles mbugua commented:On 2012-03-30


bolarinwa aa fad commented:On 2012-02-01

wot a faith......i like it!

umeh justice commented:On 2012-01-06

its really touchin!

steve posumah commented:On 2011-12-21

thanks God penguin can't speak english, so they don't have to know the word 'impossible'

clifford j. commented:On 2011-12-09 touched.

Changappa Somaiya commented:On 2011-10-23

hhhhhhhhhhhmmmmmmmmmmmmm just got in

aicel garcia commented:On 2011-10-06

it's so inspiring

josephin kissinger commented:On 2011-08-09

really superb.. very inspiring and was very thrilling to see the little cute pingu"s(penguin)confidence.

evelyn birabi commented:On 2011-06-24

i like that too

Matei V. commented:On 2011-04-20

little guy jumped so far!

karen santos commented:On 2011-04-14

nothing is impossible if you believe..

Musaddiq Ali commented:On 2011-04-02

Aahh...What a leap...What a jump...See how it pauses, prepares, attempts and takes risk for soccessful jump. How bold it is ! How fearless it is! Learn for a "lively" life from this cute, little one

Chef Zul Madinil commented:On 2011-03-24

Love this

JOY to the world commented:On 2011-03-24

If a penguin can do it we too can. Great post.

Amie Gases commented:On 2011-03-23

i love it. =)

Chrisca Oluchi commented:On 2011-03-22

The penguin's right after all...

Roman Price commented:On 2011-03-22

This is my favorite post done by myself so far :)

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